School Outreach Program

Shaking the Tree is HRFFN’s school outreach program, aimed at educating Nepal’s youth about human rights and current social issues.

We believe that it is important to reach out to students, the future leaders and decision-makers of Nepal, and expose them to issues that are relevant in both a national and international setting. The name Shaking the Tree refers to the view that you can shape your own future, but that you have to take action in order to reach something.

From 2011 till 2013, HRFFN organized various Shaking the Tree Film Festivals at school all over Nepal. Since the end of 2013, our Shaking the Tree has been the carrier for our Wall of Hope Campaign.

In September 2014, HRFFN co-organized a national Girl Power Conference. Seventy girls and boys from thirty-two districts participated in a three day conference on the anniversary of Girl Child Day. Partners in organizing the conference included UNICEF, CWIN Nepal, Women Lead Nepal, UNHCR, CARE Nepal, UNESCO, and other NGO’s and INGO’s in working in Nepal, as well as the Nepali government.

On December 9, 2016, around 125 girls from 29 school participated in the Shaking the Tree Leadership Training, organized by HRFFN in co-operating with CARE Nepal.

Shaking the Tree continues to challenge youth to learn, think and act with regard to human rights, social issues and their own future.

Currently, HRFFN invites school all over Nepal to participate in our Wall of Hope Campaign.

Educational Resources

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (pdf files)

Links to educational resources youth section of the united nations library unicef's global youth community human rights educational resources at the website of amnesty international human rights education tools by united for human rights human rights education associates youth for human rights educational package manual in human rights education by the council of europe a digital library for documents related to child trafficking by terres des hommes

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