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Nepal stands at a unique juncture as a developing nation grappling with serious human rights issues. Human rights violations and, importantly, crimes against women continue unabated throughout the country. We hope to raise awareness of these concerns and challenges by showcasing and highlighting powerful films and documentaries that bring to the fore both the root causes and effects of such violations.

The award-winning documentaries and films showcased by Human Rights Film Focus Nepal (HRFFN) delve into many issues and concerns that are not only familiar in present-day Nepal but also unerringly relevant. Change is the only constant. However, the tides of change must bring with them respect for the past and hope for the future.

HRFFN offers audiences in Nepal a wide range of both international and Nepali films and documentaries that also address, challenge and narrate many different facets of human rights the world over. Human rights remain a foundation on which we, as a society and as a people, build and nurture the future as well as relate the past.

HRFFN is now seen as a key ally by many organizations for raising general awareness of human rights principles and practices; amplifying the voices of conflict victims; proper documentation of conflict and human rights issues and violations and, finally, as an effective tool for public advocacy and awareness. We invite you to attend the screenings and to empower our commitment to human rights education and advocacy through inspirational films and film-making.

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Nationwide TV Screenings

December 8, 2012, The Sari Soldiers, Nepal Television realised

December 8, 2013, From Fear to Freedom, Nepal Television realised

December 9, 2017, Sold, Nepal Television realised

Featured Human Rights Films

A selection of films featured in our festivals and other events.

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