Vision Statement

The power of art, and especially film, in affecting societal change can be transformative. Human Rights Film Focus Nepal is a campaign dedicated to advancing the cause of human rights in Nepal and around the world. We are committed to providing a platform for the dissemination of human rights education and advocacy. Our main focus is featuring film as powerful learning tool and a catalyst for social change. During the course of our project, there will be many opportunities for engagement, dialogue, participation, and advocacy regarding some of the most important issues facing Nepal today.


The idea for a human rights awareness campaign using human rights films was born in 2003, in the middle of the Maoist insurgency. In 2011, there was a successful three month run of human rights film screenings throughout Kathmandu and Patan. From 2012 on, the project took a broader scope and continued as Human Rights Film Focus Nepal (HRFFN). In november 2012, HRFFN successfully organized the Human Rights Film Week preceded and followed by various Shaking the Tree school film festivals all over Nepal. Another major achievement was the nationwide television premier of the documentary The Sari Soldiers on the 2012 celebration of International Human Rights Day. In 2013, the Half the Sky Film and Arts Festival was successfully held, starting of a new side project called the Wall of Hope. During 2014, 2015 and 2016, HRFFN focused on bringing the Wall of Hope Campaign to schools all over Nepal.


  • Creating a platform for human rights awareness through the screening of human rights films.
  • Promoting human rights films and human rights film making in Nepal.
  • Promoting the use of democratic, non-violent tools as a way to bring social and legal change.

Target Groups

  • Schools/students (age 16-24)
  • Social organizations
  • Youth groups/organizations
  • Journalists


  • Organize and help organizing film screening and discussion programs.
  • Promotion of the celebration of International Human Rights Day through various activities.
  • Screening of human rights films/documentaries on national television.
  • School outreach program “Shaking the Tree”, which consists of film screenings, dialogue and discussion activities and art projects.
  • Translation (dubbing/subtitling) of human rights films/documentaries into Nepali.
  • Create a pool of public speakers, consisting of human rights activists, lawyers and journalists among others, to be accessed for discussion programs.
  • Support and promote local film makers.
  • Educate international volunteers about social issues in Nepal.

HRFFN Members

Rachiv Dangol

Vice President

Birendra Lal Dangol

Manju Suwal Dangol

Ayestha Shrestha


Sushant Maharjan

Sophie Pradhan

Rudin Shrestha

International Advisers
Bev Hoffman
Ruud Evers

Past Activities

2011 Nepal International Human Rights Film Festival, Shaking the Tree

2012 Human Rights Film Week, The Sari Soldiers TV premiere, Shaking the Tree

2013 Half the Sky Film and Arts Festival, From Fear to Freedom TV premiere, Shaking the Tree

2014 Wall of Hope Campaign, Girl Power Conference (with CARE, UNICEF and other NGO’s and the Nepali Government)

2015 Wall of Hope Campaign, Post-earthquake play-therapy

2016 Wall of Hope Campaign, Shaking the Tree Leadership Training

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