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The Wall of Hope Campaign

Due to the overwhelming success and support,  The Wall of Hope Campaign has been extended until at least December 10, 2014. The overriding action and message of the Campaign is “Hands Off Women and Girls!”, a message that is being send out by the creation of unique Walls of Hope at schools, painted by students.

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Latest Updates

A Wall of Hope: Hands Off Women and Girls

A Wall of Hope: Hands Off Women and Girls Campaign is a awareness campaign. Schools across Nepal, and in other parts of the world, are being invited to participate in the Wall of Hope Campaign, which will provide educational and advocacy opportunities that will address gender issues in their communities.

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Shaking the Tree: a traveling film festival

Shaking the Tree is HRFFN’s traveling human rights film festival, aimed at educating Nepal’s youth about human rights and current social issues. Schools are invited to have film screenings to take part in our campaign by organizing film screenings, accompanied by speakers and/or discussions.

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Yearly Human Rights Film Festival

Every year since 2011, HRFFN organizes a human rights film festival, screening films at various venues in Kathmandu and Patan. Both in 2012 and 2013, the festival was concluded with a nationwide broadcast of a leading human rights film at Nepal Television.

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